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Re: Icom 2000 for mode A

Yep, keying the transmitter and turning off any modulation is the easy part, but
since the VFO is set for 5KHz mininum change to work RS-13 with it the other
station must chase me down the band and on close passes the shift could move me
ontop of another QSO. (Bad form) so what I really need is a mod to swing the TX
freq a few kiloherts to allow me to stay on freq. Until then I suppose I'll give
AO-27 a try when Im mobile.

73, Tim ka8ddz

SSneidar@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 1/25/99 4:00:20 PM Hawaiian Standard Time,
> ka8ddz@eaglequest.com writes:
> << Keying it CW of course : ) >>
> Tim, am a sat newbie, old tech and have never seen your rig. But seems to me
> that in you use FM mode, reduce modulation to zero you are putting out a
> steady carrier. Then, couldnt you key the xmitter on and off with a cw key;
> albeit slow?
> (I hate CW)
> DE Sid AH6HH in Hawaii.

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