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update time!

Hello all,
 An apology to those of you who are outside of the North American area,
for getting this bit of mail into your box, but I fear that the list
doesn't have (or I've never heard of) a way to limit the distribution
of mail by geographic area. Now down to the business at hand......

 I've planned to do this earlier, but other demands have kept the
task at hand on the back burner. So, now I ask the help of those of
you who are involved in AMSAT-related nets for your help in updating
the list o AMSAT Nets. Attached you will find a ZIP file of the list
I have here. If you could look it over and see if there are any items
that need changing or updating. If there are any of you who are on
nets that aren't listed, I'd also like to hear from you as well.

 So, take a look if you could and send the cards, letters and e-mails
here to:


 Thanks for your help and tolerance.

Andy Reynolds