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Icom 2000 for mode A

A recent post about a Midland radio got me thinking, I run an IC2000 50w FM
rig when I'm mobile I suppose I could work RS-13 without changing frequency
but the thought doesn't appeal to me very much. Anyone know enough about
this rig to comment on how I can tweak the LO to give a few kilohertz swing
on my transmit freq.
Keying it CW of course : )

I haven't even looked at the shematic yet but was thinking about using a
varicap diode of about 10pf or so tapped into the LO xtal and use a pot to
vary the freq. Now put your thinking caps on guys, Im a travelling
salesperson and end up in small towns all over MI, OH, IN, & KY so there are
some rare grids to be had by all if I can make it work. (gotta lure em in a
little bit). The home rig is an Ameco TX-62 so not real keen on taking that
on the road.

73, Tim ka8ddz

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