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RE: NOVA bug report? (DELETE if not NOVA user!!!)

>	While tracking MIR, flip mode does not work.  Flip mode is
>when the satellite crosses the azimuth rotor brake-point.  In the
>G-5400B, it is at 180 deg due south.  Flip mode should turn the
>elevation rotor to 180 deg elevation, or on its back.  The Azimuth 
>rotor should also turn 180 deg out, to allow the track to go past
>the rotor brake-point.

Your right - flip mode is broke! Mr Owen and Co. seem to me ignoring
all messages at the moment, both emails to nova and posts to the
useless group get ignored. There hasn't been any response since 24th
December as far as I can tell? 

>SNIP< author deleted for his/her privacy.

This is good!!!  At least I know it is not me, and
I can leave what hair I have left on my head.  I
guess I will have to wait patiently, as Dr. Owen
does have a day job too.

My thanks to those who took the time to test your
own systems and confirm my findings.  I will
sleep well tonight.

Thanks Y'all.

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC.  MARS: AAV6EV
kd9kc@whc.net    -    kd9kc@amsat.org
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El Paso, where the sun spends the winter.

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