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> Yes you are getting what you are supposed to. Of all the passes last night
> we only recorded only one image, a solitary solar array against the black
> speckled back ground. It seems that unless a piece of the station is in
> lighting it is as black as space and will not be seen in the image. All the
> other transmitted pictures were just as you described black with some noise
> speckles. Tune in again this afternoon, earliest passes will have the best
> chance of useful lighting.
 Interesting thing about the current orbital state is that those of us in the north don't get much of 
a window.  From where I am, it looks like only about a 4 minute window during the second pass 
that has MIR in sunlight while it is visible here. Since they only send out the SSTV stuff about 
every minute or two, that probably means that there may only be one acceptable transmission.  
:-(     Things should be getting better in the next few weeks though.

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