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TMSAT Status

TMSAT should be back online tomorrow morning UK time.  When the OBC186
software crashed on Thursday evening, one of the magnetorquers remained on,
and this severely disturbed the spacecraft attitude.  Yesterday morning once
I had reloaded the ADCS task I was able to quantify just how bad it was,
with a maximum libration angle of approximately 45 degrees!  With the
spacecraft in this attitude, the uplink and downlink are not operating very
well since the antennas are no longer nadir pointing, so I have left the BBS
shut until the attitude has recovered.  This allows the command stations
maximum time to recovery critical data during the attitude recovery.
On a positive note, this abnormal attitude did present an opportunity to use
the imaging system to image the Earth's rim.  If anyone doubted that TMSAT
is a long way up, an image showing the full curvature of the Earth really
should convince you.  This morning I scheduled 3 images in an effort to get
an image while the libration was at or near maximum.  The first image taken
over Australia has been downloaded and is of the North East of Australia and
is quite a nice image.  The other 2 images were taken over Africa and the
North Atlantic this morning and have not been downloaded.
Once the satellite is opened up tomorrow morning, these images will be
available for download.

Chris Jackson G7UPN / ZL2TPO

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