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Re: mir

What a rush! Just as I was reading your message I switched over the the MIR
freq and there they were. Don't have the hook up to download the image but
signals very clear. Time was 2306 UTC. Rushced around to get the HSCW
connector hooked into the speaker but those 807s again.....

At 08:42 PM 1/23/99 +0000, John Charles wrote:
>In message <l03130300b2cf2043056f@[]>,
>pellenzc@vax.cs.hscsyr.edu writes
>>While waiting for packet I just heard my first MIR SSTV transmission!!!
>>wasnt very successful in the decoding process however...  I am using
>>W95SSTV 1.10 evaluation version.. Robot 36 mode..  What are the other
>>necessary settings?  Like I said, I was not successful on the decode.  I

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