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Re: mir

In message <l03130300b2cf2043056f@[]>,
pellenzc@vax.cs.hscsyr.edu writes
>While waiting for packet I just heard my first MIR SSTV transmission!!!
>wasnt very successful in the decoding process however...  I am using
>W95SSTV 1.10 evaluation version.. Robot 36 mode..  What are the other
>necessary settings?  Like I said, I was not successful on the decode.  I

I hope someone has fathomed it out Chris.
Heard and recorded a bit of SSTV tonight here in England. First time
since New Year's Day. Not had problems before. It's always locked in
fine as Robot 36 - also using W95SSTV. Tonight it was a jumble of
coloured dots.

After the first pic wouldn't lock in I used RecAll to record the sigs as
a .wav on one computer then I can play it into another over and over to
try things out. Couldn't get a proper picture on any of the modes I
tried. A pass is so short there's little time to experiment live.

Is the gear 'broken' I wonder or has there been a change of mode?
Anybody know?

73  John  M1BTR
  m1btr@midmarsh.demon.co.uk     M1BTR@GB7SKG
  QRV 6m 4m 2m 70cm   Member: RIG  RSGB  UKRS
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