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On Friday, 22 January 1999, James Sibley wrote:

> Someone here on amsat-bb told me that you guys use PGP on this server.
> Like to work with the MIME files. How can i set my PGP program up to
> operate with amsat-bb?

PGP is an encryption program that generates both a Secret Key and a
Public Key.  It's for those individuals who wish to email each other
(and at the same time) protect their privacy.

What you've probably seen here on this BB are some PGP signed posts. 
It's called "clear signing" and is a means of guaranteeing the
authenticity of the originator.

There is no need for encryption here on the BB since we wish everyone to
read our posts.  

Both MIME and Uuencode are ways of encoding binary files (such as JPEGs)
for transmission over the internet.

Hope this helps.

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*

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