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Satellite antenna. 88 J beam.

	Hello, me again for help Hi.  I have an 88 J Beam, which I believe is  UK
construction and company, I am having trouble feeding it and getting a low
reflected power, at the moment I am gettting 5 W FWD and 3 W REF.

	I put one up for a fellow some years ago and we got it right then, I have
forgotten the correct way to feed it and what to watch out for, it's fed
with 9913 at the moment and I want change to some 1/4" heliax that I have
(it has less loss than 9913, at least when I compared equal lengths).

	My understanding, at the moment is the the coax feed should go back
through the reflector, around the end of the boom, then forward through the
reflector and driven element, then down to the wishbone support, that is
the way it is at this time.

Thanks, Peter VE7AHX.

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