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Free Source of Batteries

I just checked out Rob Dey's KA2BEO web site new addition about his portable
battery pack and this made me think of something I thought I would share
with the group. Since I currently held a Tech class license I did a lot of
VHF stuff including tons of mobile packet and portable satellite work and
was always finding myself out hiking or on top of a mountain somewhere and
having those puny batteries on my HT's going dead :( One day I was at a
wreck scene where an ambulance was also on the scene (I hope this isn't too
morbid) and the EMT's had to use a portable defibrilaor to revive a victim.
After they transported the victim to the helicopter (air ambulance) landing
site and things calmed down I saw one of the AMT's taking a battery out of
the defibrilator unit and replacing it with another. I started talking to
the guy and found out that the batteries have to be reconditioned on a very
rigorous schedule and after a certain amount of time, in this case six
months, elapses they throw these batteries away. Guys and gals these are 12
volt 1Ah nicads! These things will run a HT for an extremely long time and I
imagine they would run one of your QRP trancievers for a long time also (I
want a kit bad....). I highly encourage you to check with your local
ambulance companies and fire departments, they will give these things to you
for free, they are required to replace them as they are a matter of life and
death, but for our purposes it's a great source of rechargable batteries. I
built a small charger from a 'wall wart' cube and a resistor to charge 'em
up. I hope that this info is helpful to someone on the list and the best
thing is that it helps keep the enviromentalists happy because we're
recycling them instead of dumping them <grin>.

73 Jeff W4JEF

    *=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Jeff Johns W4JEF - AMSAT# 32615 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=*
    |jeffj@scott.net  w4jef@amsat.org |     Reserve Patrol Captain     |
    |  Satellite: Mir R0MIR-1, AO-27  | Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept|
    |200LX+BayPac+FT50=Portable Packet|     QTH Birmingham, AL USA     |


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