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Rare and/or unusual grid(s) this weekend!

    I guess the rest of us will drag our feet while you take command of the

No, i just want people on a equal footing, and if other people have rare
or unsual grid sqaures, great!!  I'd just like to avoid competing with the
the usual chit-chat amongst regulars and people collecting activity points
[http://www.amsat.org/amsat/awards/amilist.html].  Remember that an HT into
an AO-10 class antenna system is overkill for AO=27!

And Samuel, PLEASE work me, i want to hear from you in particular, not to
mention seeking your grid square.  I think the earlier Sunday pass listed
might work for you and it'll be fun to work California to Florida.

Last year, i activated CM86 last year on a Pacific pass and worked about 
7 stations in five minutes from the warmth of my van with only a 2m quarter-
plane.  This time, i expect to do better, both in terms of the grid square
and the number of stations contacted.  And i'll do CM86 (Santa Cruz) again
if people ask.

The equipment is much better this year, but conditions worse.  From the
forecast, i'm likely to be operating in moderate-to-heavy rain with using
a hand- held antenna, and i don't know how passable roads/trails are to a
suitable location (and won't know until after dark on Friday).  I'm not
expecting to get much for myself out of this effort (except maybe a couple
new grid squares that i could get just as easy in front of my house and/or
by hopping on BART to get to a quieter area).

No SASE or 'green stamps' are expected or wanted (but a SAE or e-mail is
needed if your callbook address isn't current). I'm doing this to help
out many good and considerate operators on AO-27 in their quests for grid

Except for passes over oceans, most contacts on AO-27 are done contest-
style, especially on weekends.  I really enjoy the Pacific weekday passes
myself, 'cause once it awhile, i actually get to ragchew for about five
minutes (assuming only one or two stations on, all participating).

So, this efforts is for most other users of AO-27, and a 'thank you' for
the many contacts so far on that bird.  73's and good luck!

			 -- KD6PAG

P.S.  I recently found out that FCC misread my 610.  Alas they turned
a '6' into 'Co', so it's '1274 64TH STREET', not '1274 CO4TH STREET'.  
Sigh...  But i'll QSL first, so not to worry.
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