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Re: Is this the future of Amateur Radio?

> Have we all forgot what the basis for amateur radio is? ........
> ..........Is this the future of the hobby? Maybe
> there should be a section in the next edition of the Satellite
> Experimenter's Handbook on the politics involved with amateur satellite
> program!  

I don't think this is as suggestion of things changing in the future, it is 
just a situation of everyone seeing what has been going on behind 
closed doors in the past.  In the past, whenever anyone became at all 
critical of any phase of the amateur satellite program they would be 
bombarded with private E-mail from AMSAT leaders, usually nasty and 
obscene, suggesting strongly that you keep your mouth shut for the 
good of AMSAT.  The simple politics are that for the few in power to 
continue to have influence in the satellite community, they have to be 
perceived as representing the entire amateur community even though 
they don't, because no-one is going to help some small group of people 
put up their own personal satellite.  Arguments in the amateur 
community only make organizations that can help us wonder if they are 
talking to the right people.  Ie the average amateur is better off having 
the elete few have their power. Problem is now, however that instead of 
just having AMSAT, all these little spur groups have popped up, SAREX, 
MIREX, SAFEX, ARISS, etc, each wanting to be perceived as 
representing the amateur community. Truth is that none of them, 
including AMSAT represent us, but I think most hams think that if by 
letting them do their thing they get us more sats, then fine. Myself, I 
think I prefer anarchy. Ie I'd rather see people expressing their opinions 
here (without being attacked in private mail) even if it makes us look dis-
organized.  I'd rather have open discussion and fewer sats than more 
sats and censorship. Ie I kind of find it refreshing to see these power 
struggles out in the open since it is the only way that the average ham 
can feel involved in the issue even if it is just by sitting back and 
watching.  Gives us a clear view of the motives involved here.

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