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PLAN-13 in C


I have been an enthusiastic user of PLAN-13 for many years, and still 
use the original routines on a BBC Microcomputer for all my satellite 
tracking.  These routines are incorporated into a program called 
ALLSAT, which selects the Keplers and formats the output.

I have always intended to convert the code to C, but never got round to it! 

However I have  converted the code to run in QBASIC, and there are 
three examples of its use on my web site.   These are in the packages 

The first package calculates the average solar illumination falling 
on a satellite, taking into account the solar eclipses.  Also 
included is a file BBC.ZIP.   This contains a BBC BASIC interpreter 
program which enables James Miller's original PLAN-13 code to be run 
(with only a minor modification).  This may be of interest to any one 
who does the conversion to C, and wants to compare the output with 
that from the original code.

The other two packages use PLAN-13 routines as part of a process to 
compare OSCAR-11's solar illumination, and magnetic field with 
measured values from whole orbit data (WOD).

If any one is interested in running the QBASIC version of the 
original, I may be able to find my complete conversion of the original code.

My web site is -   www.users.zetnet.co.uk/clivew/

Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.       

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