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FO-20/29 Problem

  First off, many thanks to all those who offered suggestions & direction to
solving my problem with not hearing myself on FO-20/29.  I think I have
solved the problem. It's ironic but we always seem to look for the
complicated answer or point a finger at a new piece of equipment. In this
case the new FT-847. Well, true to form, that's what I had been doing and
consequently forgot about and overlooked the simple and basic.

  The answer, or I should say the fix as I still don't know the real answer,
was to replace a 3' piece of coax running between the  2 meter inline
wattmeter and an antenna switch.  Seems this cable was causing a dramatic
loss of power to the antenna. Although the system worked on other birds - on
receive - I now realize that the received signals were much weaker than they
should have been. Interesting also is that the SWR looked normal!
 With the cable replaced 2 meter received signals have improved by about 4 S
units. Pretty dramatic, especially
 on AO-10! I estimate about 20 db of loss!

  I have yet to determine why the cable caused the problem, it does not
appear to be open or shorted but I will take it apart soon & see if I can
find the culprit.

  Bottom line is I can now hear myself on FO-20 & 29 with about 5-10 watts
of output. My work hours confine my radio operations to either the wee hours
of the morning or to the mid afternoon so I'll be looking for contacts
during those time periods.. ** BTW, still need Wyoming, Arkansas & S.
Carolina for WAS..


Denny  WB8K

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