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WiSP DDE Client

Hi all,

	I have uploaded to KO-23 & 25 the executable of the program 'WiSP DDE
Client' wich is about 27KB zipped, filename is the same as this title. It
is also available from Internet at: www.chasque.apc.org/franky/wispdde.zip
	As a reminder, this program uses WiSP's DDE feature to control a GS-232
rotor controller and a CI-V radio. I am planning of adding FT-847 support
as well as South rotor stop-position soon.

	For those who remember my previous posting on this subject, the flipping
problem with WiSP's DDE was kind-of solved with a simple 'on-the-run' flip
detection which is performed at the beggining of the pass. Assuming North
stop position, if the sat is to the West and az. is increasing, it flips.
If sat. is tho the East and az. is decreasing, it flips. In any other case
it does not flip. This is far from perfect and it flips unnecesarily some
times, but it does prevent stop-position crossings.

	Hope someone else finds this useful,

	73 de Fernando, CX6DD.

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