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Re: R7000 rx and Wxsats?

Tony -- this may be way off base but do you realize the signal on the FM
carrier from the weather birds is AM?  If you vary the volume level of the
receiver, you will change the overall brightness of the picture.  I am not
sure if your IF question is related to your "dark" pictures.  The IF width
would limit your whites and black but would not make the entire picture
dark.  I may be wrong, but I have been playing with the wx birds for about
10 years and I know if I do not have the volume level high enough, I get
an overall dark picture and if it is set too high, the entire pix is
really white and washed out.  My software allows me to "tune" the signal.
In other words, it will adujust for the current volume level but if I
change it in the future, the picture will not look right.  I hope this
helps, if not, just toss it in the bit bucket.


On Tue, 19 Jan 1999, A.Bombardiere wrote:

>          Greetings all...
>          Is there anyway to tap into the Icom R7000's receiver to improve its reception of
>      WXsats?  I have the AM IF set to the wide position, but its not the 40Khz wide 
>      IF requiered for the NOAA birds.  I've been using Wxsat, the sound card program
>      which seems to work very well, but because of the narrow IF, the images are dark 
>      and marginal at best.  Since the receiver offers both a narrow and wide IF for AM,
>      I thought it might be posible to replace the wide filter with one that would allow for
>      the wide 40Khz signal, and use the narrow IF for air band monitoring,etc. I would
>      appreciate any comments or suggestions. 
>      73, es TNX
>      Tony, AB2CJ

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