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FO-29 back in analog mode. Really!

Fellow ops,

Just worked the 2048 pass of FO-29.  First, I looked for the digital
signal.  Gone!  I tuned to the transponder and heard the characteristic
swish and transponder noise.  I called CQ for a couple minutes, and
Doug, VA3DGR responded.  In a few minutes we also had N1ZKB, VE2JML,
W0SAT, and W0OQC, in a roundtable before I lost the bird over the

If the Japanese operators are listening, the sentiments of all those
operators, myself included, are to leave the bird in analog mode.  There
are so few analog birds available.  We really appreciate use of FO-20.
RS-13 is much harder to use for any lengthy QSO, because it is noisy,
and crowded with 15 meter stations.  RS-15 is nearly worthless, as the
signals are so week and the QSB so deep.  AO-10 is a specialized bird,
and only the well equipped can communicate on that bird.

The FO birds are the analog satellites for the masses.  Please consider
leaving both of them in analog mode to spend the rest of their lives
serving the needs of the somewhat challenged, "analog crowd!"


Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

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