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ao-10 question

     Good morning all, 
        I have been inactive for a couple of years on AO-10 and was 
     wondering how much use it's getting.  
        I'm in the middle of rebuilding my elevation rotor and picked 
     up a couple of used antennas to get back into things and was wonder 
     how busy the transponder is. Will it be reasonably easy to find 
     someone on the air to check out things?  If I can hear myself  I 
     can assume that it's working but it would be much nicer to acutally
     make a few QSO's. 
        Currently I'm setting up the station at another hams location and 
     I'm trying to get him involved.  He has a new FT847 that only has a
     couple of hours on it and he is interested in Satellites and if I can
     get him on enought to find out if he's really interested he has enough
     money to do it right. 
        Could someone who's active on ao-10 get back to and give me an idea
     of what to expect. 
        Currently it looks like the Western Hemisphere is all that's 
     available but should change soon. Is there a lot of activity from 
     Europe? What part of the band?  How about Asia? What time of day
          Thanks, Mike KA7HBB

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