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     Good morning to the list.
        I hate to get involved with net wars as it were. But I like 
     everyone else has an opinion. (and it probably stinks like everyone
        From what I've had time to read and absorb from the dribble here
     is that some aren't happy with the sstv on the 2 meter frequency. 
     Most general operators are.  
        I guess I might even take offense if there was a better arguement.
       The way I see it, 145.8 - 146 in for space related communications
     whether it be space based repeater, earth to space, space to earth. 
        I've yet to see where it says it can't be sstv, infact its done 
     over some of the other satellites. 
        I've read that the sstv is automated. No control operator. And that 
     the current Mir crew is not licensed..I'd say that's a problem for 
     Russia not us. 
        I've read that there isn't a 440 antenna available for the sstv 
     so there using the one used for the packet station. This also seems
     like a problem for Russia.. Although I don't see a big difference 
     between using it for the packet station or the sstv since no one
     is licensed either one of them seems alittle shady to me. 
        I've also read that the only antenna for 440 that is available is
     for the Mir repeater. I wouldn't want them messing with it either. 
        All in all, it seems like the sstv operation is bending some rules
     and the packet mail box is useless to the current crew. 
     Atleast the sstv is giving hams on earth something to do and look at. 
         Final comment. 
        Amsat and Sarex and everyone else can complain and accuse all they
     want. The arguement on this refector is mostly a waste of time and I 
     hope it goes away soon. 
         Hope to get back on the sats soon.  73 
                                                Mike  KA7HBB

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