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Re: Power Supply Woes Solved!

Yes, Jeff, adding small value caps will shunt (short) the RF to ground I 
recomend using a .1 uF non-electrolitic. That should do the trick.  
Larger value caps, such as electrolytics, also have internal inductances 
that can act as an RF choke and block the signals from being shunted to 

>Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 15:54:02 -0600
>From: Jeff Johns <jeffj@scott.net>
>To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
>Subject: [amsat-bb] Power Supply Woes Solved!
>Thanks to everyone that answered my plea for help with my power supply.
>Almsot everybody seemed to think that there was some type of RF getting 
>the power supply and causing the problem (provided the power supply was
>proven to be able to run another appliance). Today I proved this 
theory, by
>relocating the transceiver further away from the power supply and the 
>and powe supply now work together in harmony! Many people suggested 
>a capacitor between the + and - outputs on the power supply. Since I 
>determined that it's an RF problem, would the addition of capacitors 
>solve anything? I _really_ do appreciate everyones input, I bet I got 
>75 answers from people trying to lend a hand. Instead of trying to 
>each individual, I hope you will accept my thanks in this form!
>73 Jeff W4JEF
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