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R7000 rx and Wxsats?

         Greetings all...
         Is there anyway to tap into the Icom R7000's receiver to improve its reception of
     WXsats?  I have the AM IF set to the wide position, but its not the 40Khz wide
     IF requiered for the NOAA birds.  I've been using Wxsat, the sound card program
     which seems to work very well, but because of the narrow IF, the images are dark
     and marginal at best.  Since the receiver offers both a narrow and wide IF for AM,
     I thought it might be posible to replace the wide filter with one that would allow for 
     the wide 40Khz signal, and use the narrow IF for air band monitoring,etc. I would
     appreciate any comments or suggestions.  
     73, es TNX
     Tony, AB2CJ