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Problem with ft-847 & fo-20/29

Slowly learning the intricacies of my new FT-847 but seem to have either
missed something or have some sort of a problem. So far I have been
unsuccessful at making a contact via FO-20 or 29.

I do have the correct frequencies set up and have verified I am transmitting
. The problem is that I have not been able to hear myself on the downlink on
these two birds. I have ruled out a desense problem as I can still hear
other stations while I transmit.

Antennas consist of  a pair of homebrew yagis for 435MHz , 22 elements each
on 14' booms, mounted and fed to give a right hand elliptical pattern. The
144 MHz antenna is an M sq. CP-22.  All antennas are mounted on a fiberglass
crossboom at 65' and fed with 1" 5/8 heliax and are separated by about 7'.
I also use a 435MHz cavity filter on the downlink.

I have made a few contacts on AO-27 and AO-10 so I know the radio and
antennas are working.
I can hear stations on FO-20 & 29, some are very strong but they don't hear
me ---. I can't hear me either!

What is the recommended power output needed to access these birds? I would
think 50 watts plus the gain of my antennas should be more than adequate.

Any suggestions from the masses?

BTW, I apologize for any unintended qrm I may have caused over the past few
days as I was trying to get this to work.


Denny  WB8K  ,, from not so rare EN-91

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