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Any troubleshooters have a suggestion?

This isn't space related, but there is such a wealth of technical knowledge
available from you guys and gals I hope you pardon by off topic post. For he
purpose of this discussion, I'm describing a HTX-100 and a Diamond Gold
Series 12-15 volt 30 amp, Model PS-30G power supply.

1) I turn on the power supply and make sure the  voltage on the meter is
   set properly.

2) I turn on the HTX-100 trannsceiver and tune to the frequency I'm going
   to call CQ via CW on.

3) I touch my key

4) The voltage needle on the power supply drops to 0 volts and the 
   transceiver dies :(

It doesn't matter if I'm trying to do CW or use SSB. I can hit the PTT on
the microphone and the power supply still dies. The supply has worked great
for the past week when I acquired it (free) and it was working for the
gentleman (elmer) who gave it to me. When the needle drops to 0 volts the
transformer continues to hum, so I don't think (I hope) that's the problem.
I can turn the supply off for about 15-30 seconds and then back on and the
voltage goes back up but then dies when I try to apply a load to it again
via the key or PTT button. I don't mind pulling the cover off and peeking
around and I'm somewhat handy with a meter, but I'm hoping that someone can
give me some pointers of what to look for and what to check. Does anyone
have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

73 Jeff W4JEF

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