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Sunsat cancellation

The internet is SO fast that most of you have heard that the launch
tonight has been scrubbed.  We all enjoyed a decent nights sleep!

A number of cables were made up to allow right hand and LHC polarizations
to be used on the down and uplink antennas at Vandenberg.  I was able to
show the team that both are useful and might be necessary at turn on.

The team is very hungry for any kind of old fashioned orbital and
practical mechanics of satellites.  This is really easy for me.  The team
and I are getting on very well.  I kid the SA team that when they
talk AFRICAN'S, it might as well be the Western Indians as not one bloody
word is understandable!  They certainly have a unique language.

The weather is simply terrible again.  The fog is dense, the winds severe
and from what I can determine the upper winds even more severe.

Of course, when I know more, I'll pass it on the AMSAT-BB network.  73
Cliff Buttschardt    K7RR/W6HDO

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