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Re: Wx sat's

One thing to consider is the time of day the satellite
goes over you, comparing that with what you want to

For folks in the Northern Hemisphere (where it's currently
winter) NOAA-12 and NOAA-15 go over in darkness, but
transmit interesting infrared images. NOAA-14 goes over
in early afternoon, providing good visual images, and the
wee hours of the morning (infrared again). Meteor 3-5 is
not sun-synchronous, and its highest-elevation passes are
currently around dawn and sunset from here in Toronto.

Some of the most spectacular images, once the days start
getting longer, are dawn/sunset images of clouds. The
sunlight is at a low angle, and the clouds cast shadows...

My receiving hardware includes a home-made quadrifilar helix,
a home-made BF961 preamp and a modified Radio Shack scanner.
You can buy an interface for your computer, or make one.
I wrote my own software that uses the sound card - even
a very cheap sound card will work well in an application
like this.

Laura Halliday VA3LDH   "Que les nuages soient notre
Grid: FN03gs                pied a terre..."
                                   - Hospital/Shafte

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