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Launch status 17 Jan 99

As of 1930 UTC, we are once again on for a launch this morning.  Last
nights cancellation was due to a number of causes, two layers of
excessive upper winds, a transmitter failure downrange and range safety
considerations.  Vandenberg was completely fogged, such that no lights
whatever were seen on the pad!  We did take this opportunity to remeasure
the 436 MHz antennas since they were wet with salt air.  Both the helix
and the switchable cross polarized yagis were reasonably good.
     In attendance were:  Jan Koekemuer-ZR1JAK, Dirk V/D Merwe, Niki
Steenkamp, Thys Cronje, Terguis Baard ZR1BFD, Pieter Kotze-ZR1BC and Alec
Rust-ZR1ANR.  Please excuse the 0400 AM local time misspellings!
     An attempt was made to monitor Radio South Africa on 9525,17870 and
21530 KHz without success.  The nine MHz frequency was occupied by Radio
Indonesia while the higher two did not have a path to Central California.
     If the launch is again cancelled this morning, there will be a
minimum of 48 hours before the next attempt.  Apparently, the fuel tanks
will have to be emptied and cleaned.  73  Cliff Buttschardt  K7RR/W6HDO

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