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Re: Plan-13 in C?

At 08:07 PM 1/16/99 +1030, Steve Fraser wrote:
>I am wondering if anyone has a "port" of James Miller (G3RUH)'s plan13 code
>for calculating satellite position etc to C? (His code in basic is available
>at amsat.org, but I am after a version in C so that I can run it under

There are several different C versions with source code at
None of these are exactly a "port" of G3RUH's code (as far as
I know), but they are all functionally equivalent.

One of those, "SatTrack 3.1.5", is already set up for Linux,
with X graphics.

Under http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ftpsoft.html#linux there is
an additional Linux tracking program without source, and some
other programs for satellite work on Linux.

73  -Paul

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