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Antenna/Radio Tracking Options

It is curious to me that the TAPR TrakBox and Kiron's SatTrak IV are no
longer available.

As I am acquiring hardware to rebuild my station it appears that an
option like one of those would be the cats pajamas.

My main computer is a Linux box and it serves as my Web and FTP server.
I'm not too interested in using it for automated operation and even if I 
were the software options are limited. That leaves me with my laptop
(Win95) on which I have installed WiSP.

Since I can't very well stick a KCT/T card in the laptop, and there
is only one serial port (used for the TNC) that leaves me with the
parallel port. And for various reason, I'd prefer NOT to use the SASI
tracker but yy options have become very limited.

It would seem to me that in this day of inexpensive laptops that somone
would make a standalone tracking system that is completely independent
of a computer in the shack during normal operation.

Why did the TrakBox and SatTrak IV go by the wayside and is _anything_
else like them available today?

Vy 73,
Jeff Davis (N9AVG)
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