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kpc-9612 w/PB problem

Hi Everyone,

              I'm using a kpc-9612 with PB program to try listening to
the 9600 baud birds (ko's , uo's and tmsat).
              Here is my problem. When my PB tried to uplink for request
, it will uplink on the other port and not in the 9600 port.My screen
will fill up datas like PB:empty , Open: and etc. but my PB will
response on the the other port which is 1200 port. The odd thing is
this.. When I try to run my PG program, it will uplink on 9600 port and
not in the 1200 port as what have happen to my PB program..
              Any ideas , I will be happy to hear anyone.
              one thing, Does PB automatically transmit once it receives
PB empty? I'm new to this program and the documentation of this software
is not well documented about how PB acts.


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