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Listening here at K5PK for SunSat.

Hey Everbody

Well, between NASA TV, the Boeing Webcast and variuos
suggested shortwave freqs. I found no working sources of
SunSat launch activity coverage.  So, I don't know if the
bird has even been successfully placed in orbit.  At around 
19:00utc here on the US east coast I figured I should begin 
monitoring since we would soon revolve under its orbit
plane.  Guessing at its orbit to be :92 minute/rev. and
maybe a polar one at that, right at 19:55utc on what would
be orbit revolution #6 I began hearing an increasingly
strong signal, continuous in nature at what sounded like
a high baud rate digital type emission.  At that time I
checked the position of many other Amateur Sats. and found
nothing else in range.  So as best as I can figure, that
should have been SunSat that I heard.  I will now listen
for what should be another remaining good pass at 21:26utc
from here in Winston-Salem, Nc.

Here's to a heathly  "SunSat" I hope.

73 de Steve            K5PK@amsat.org 

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