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Re: AO27

GPersons wrote:
> I agree that AO27 very hard to hit on the weekends. I had very good
> luck for a while making contacts but for some strange reason, here
> lately I have had a VERY hard time making contacts. As a matter of
> fact, I have made no contacts in over a month. Not that I monitor that
> much. Strange.

I monitor and work AO-27 quite often during the weekdays.  It is much
more user friendly during that time.  QRP stations have a much better 
chance to make contacts when there are not so many new people
experimenting.  AO-27 changes polarity several times during its pass
and the operator needs to make adjustments.  I think the satellite 
antenna orientation may also favor better downlink reception when the 
satellite is making a north to south pass to the east of the receiving
station; at least thats the way it sounds from here.  AO-27 also is 
plagued by a variety of interference sources that can easily capture
the satellite receiver over a 5 watt signal from a small beam.  This is
why when I transmit, I typically use about 20 watts, just to get through
the interference, not to step on anothers transmission.  

> I am only running 5 watts with an Arrow. I don't
> understand what is going on. It is almost impossible to make contacts
> on the weekends. I feel that if everyone would wait between their
> calls then us QRP stations would have a chance. I understand that
> there is only a limited amount of time to "catch" the bird.

Today on one pass, the last two operators I heard was Randy (N7SFI) and
Al (XE2YVW) at about 10 minutes into the pass.  The last 5 minutes of
the pass I did not hear another station.  These are the times when a
QRP station can really make some great contacts, but you have to make 
the time to get out there and work it.  My opinion about trying to 
work AO-27 QRP on the weekends is that you may want to ask yourself if
your not just adding to the QRM?  If you want to try to battle through
the QRM thats your choice.  I don't even listen to the weekend passes
because I get angry and that defeats the purpose of the hobby for me.

Hope these comments are of some help.
> Just some musings from a QRP dude.
> 73
> Gary

73 de N8OCX
Brook Smith

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