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Re: AO27


Thanks for including me in your REGULAR list; I certainly wouldn't want to be on
your irregular list!

When I'm in EL86, a rare grid (Sanibel, Captiva), using the ARROW and FT50, I
put a Y adapter in the headphone slot and run my micro-cassette recorder.  If
you say the time every few contacts, it's easy to review the tape and get fairly
accurate times, and VERY accurate calls! :-)

Consider one of those $20.00 Radio Shack lapel mikes used as a hand mike, and a
pair of over the ear headphones to squelch the outside noises.

Just some thoughts, 73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

Jeff Johns wrote:

> On Thu, 14 Jan 1999 18:57:32 -0600, GPersons <railfan@flash.net> wrote:
> > I agree that AO27 very hard to hit on the weekends.
> It is hard, but not impossible, you just have to be persistent <g>. I like
> working stuff qrp, be it Mir or one of the other birds, I especially enjoy
> AO-27. Even though the passes are short, it's nice to hear the regulars
> everyday and occasionally snag a new grid. I'm slowly, but surely filling up
> my grid square map.
> Let me pose a question to other AO-27 qrpers. My station consists of a Yaesu
> FT50, MFJ-1715S whip and a Premier mini headset microphone. Because I'm
> addicted to AO-27 I often, literally have to stop on the side of a road
> where the ambient noise is quite loud so I solved that problem by keep some
> disposable foam earplugs in the car to block the outside noise out of the
> ear that is exposed to road noise. How do you guys write down callsigns of
> stations that you haven't worked before? I know the calls of most of the
> regulars here on the east coast, most notably N3ZLL, N1JEZ, N1KZB, KF4FDJ,
> VE6ITV, Bill in Idaho W4NML, Al in Mexico XE2YVW and others not on the east
> coast such as N7SFI, KC5VAS if I left someone out I'm sorry, these are the
> calls I can think of without looking at my log. This sounds crazy but I
> usually just stick a small notepad in the waistband of my pants and jot
> callsigns down on it, does anyone have an easier way to log new contacts
> shile holding an HT in one hand (usually at a weird angle and adjusting it
> for doppler) and a PTT button in the other?
> 73 Jeff W4JEF
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