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Re: Ok, so what's available in Mode A


I was giving demos at the Fort Myers Hamfest on both Saturday and Sunday, 4
passes total.  We made a total of 45 contacts.  I was running 5 watts from an
FT50R, in semi-duplex, into an Arrow antenna.  What helps me "hear," and makes
all the difference int he world, is use of a low noise pre-amp before the
duplexer.  It really works then.  I can even off-point the antenna 15 - 20
degrees and still hear the bird.

One thing that was really odd:  At one point I accidentally pointed the
antenna at the ground, and the signals went to full quieting, and the audio
increased 50 percent!  There was a TV tower 1/8 mile away, and may well have
been an abandoned fuel tank or some other metal object beneath the "sweet
spot,"  but I've never experienced anything quite like that before.

73, Mike KF4FDJ@amsat.org
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