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Re: Navy space radar??

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Steven N. Bienvenu wrote:

> I second Bob's direction.  Point your beam toward a point about 
> 15-20 miles southwest of Wichita Falls, Texas, and listen patiently.
> IF a satellite with enough radar area passes through the "fence" 
> produced by the east-west beam, and IF it is at that instant above
> your radio horizon you may hear it. 

Comment.  The fence extends forever in an E/W line from that point in
texas.  On a speherical earth, the E/W line droops all the way down to the
Equator over the atlantic and pacific, depending on how high up the object
is.  So The moon, for example, may cross the line way out over the
Atlantic so you would need to point your beam there.

In otherwords. point your beam to the object, wherever it is when it
crosses 91 and 271 degrees AZimuth from Kikapoo texas.  (As long as both
you and Kikapoo can both see the object at the same time at its current


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