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On Sun, 10 Jan 1999 19:10:48 -0800 (PST) Tovar <tvr@value.net> writes:


>			     -- KD6PAG ("Networking Old-Timer, RF 
>P.S.  Personal question:  Are there Mode A operators out there willing 
>copy CW and respond via SSB?  

 -----------------READ ON -------------------->

John and anyone else who's interested:

This goes for not only Mode A, but Mode JA, Mode B, 

There are quite a few operators out there who will respond
cross-mode.  I've made quite a few QSO's with people who
were CQ'ing on SSB and I answered them on CW because my 
SSB signal was too weak for them to copy.  And vice-versa,
today I was CQ'ing on AO-10 on CW and got answered by 
a SSB station. No big deal --- COmmunications is what
counts, not what mode you're on.

A very interesting incident happened yesterday, I heard
RTTY (!) on Oscar 10 for the first time in many years.
Couldn't hook up my RTTY fast enough so I called on CW
to answer the station.  Then he answered me on SSB!
Then I switched to SSB and we chatted!  What a deal!
The other station was JA5LG.  When we finished our QSO,
he went back to CQ'ing on RTTY some more. I did get 
my machine hooked up to receive and was able to copy 
his "RYRYRYR" and "CQ CQ CQ" on the screen.

John, K6YK

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