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A0-27 /antenna

Hi all,

Just to introduce myself. I am a High School Technology Teacher in Stockton,

While you are on the AO-27 idea, I have a question to run by the group. We
are presently working AO-27
with two homebrew handheld antennas and HTs. We are beginning to think we
would like to move up to a tracking antenna of some type so we can
communicate on AO-27 regardless of the weather and it would also save us
class time.  We also hope to connect to the Mir passes on packet for a
longer length of time. We are using a vertical antenna for Mir.  We have
thought of building one, but with the complexity of tracking with a computer
interface we are thinking about possibly writing a grant to buy what we need
and assemble it.

I have the satellite experimenters handbook, but I thought I would ask the
group for suggestions on what type of rotator, antenna , software etc. you
might suggest.  So if you have any suggestions, websites, resources or
input I would like to hear it. I think I can come up with 1000 bucks...maybe
$1500 if I get lucky. We have a FT-5100 Yeasu dual band radio and a
Kantronics Kam Plus TNC. As we build our station we may eventually use
the antenna for other applications. I'm looking for a place to start.

In closing I do have another question I need to ask someone. Does anyone
know how tho clear the memory on
a Yeasu FT-50r HT I can't  find that answer in the manual.


Keith Hall -N0OMX
Technology and Design Department
105 N. Cypress
Stockton, Kansas 67669
Voice: 785-425-7414
Club Station Call: KC0EPL

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