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Re: Ok, so what's available in Mode A

I agree with everyone.  I like Mode A.  I like AO-27 (but not as much).  I
especially like Mode B, but I wish AO-10 was just a wee' little bit easier.

Yeah, some ops are regulars on AO-27 and obviously run more than 5 Watts.  But
I've never heard them be discourteous.  In fact, get on with a new call and
see what happens.  The newbie op on that particular bird better be ready to
write fast.  It's like fresh meat in the lion's cage sometimes.

One of the things that makes RS-12/13, FO-20/29, et al., such great birds is
there is lots of room for multiple QSO's of varying mode.  AO-27 is a little
more competitive.  It's kind of like a pile-up on 20 meters.  Sometimes timing
and skill are a lot more important than just power.  Sometimes it's just plain

As long as I have the comparisons going, RS-15 is like 160 m in the daytime.
You know there's somebody out there, you just can't hear them.  FO-29 is like
10 m in the early afternoon.  You can hear those S.A. stations like they were
next door and the noise level is zilch.  RS-12/13 is like 40 m CW (novice
band, of course); an old, reliable friend.  OK, OK, I'll stop.......

Jerry, K5OE
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