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Re: Ok, so what's available in Mode A

Quoting Michael P. Olbrisch (kd9kc@whc.net) [990110 16:54]:
> I disagree totally with the statement below!  One listen to the hash of stations trying to 
> just get a callsign through the mess on AO-27 compared to the multiple "real contacts" of 
> a mode A satellite will prove this.  An FM repeater, orbiting or not, does not provide the 
> opportunity of a transponder... ever.  It has been said that the only way to get a contact 
> on AO-27 is to use enough power and antenna to totally capture the satellite.  Not in the 
> spirit of ham radio.  It isn't hard at all to work mode A, even on the busiest passes, 
> there is room enough for 10 QSOs or more.  Now I ask you, which one better serves the 
> needs of the "community"?
> I am not against AO-27 type birds, but not to the exclusion of AO-12/13 birds either!  
> Ask yourself, what would P3D mean to you if it could only support ONE QSO at a time?  Hmm?

it seems to me that you took his comments out of context when you left out this part of
what he said:

	Quoting Mike Rudzki (n8mr@amsat.org):
	> The more I read postings like yours, the more I am skeptical of the 
	> thought that Mode-A should be totally abandoned for FM repeater sats.	
it would seem to me that you both agree?

73 de n9avg,
jeffrey davis
muncie, indiana usa
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