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Re[2]: Sputnik-40 / RS-17: QSL yet from Russia?

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During my last visit in Moscow, I have seen the bag with at least 500 
for the RS17 QSL. Sergej told me that he was waiting the end of RS18 to send 
RS 17 QSL . Why? 

RS18 QSL. This QSL is in the process.
It tooks a little be more time than expected because this project was a 
project French and Russia and it was not easy to agree on the exact terms on 
Don't forget that like every amateur we are doing this during our free time 
we have to manage family, business and amateur hobby.

Don't be to much impatient. Me F6FAO (AMSAT-F vice president) I promis you 
you will receive your QSL.

On Spoutnik 41 web site ( http://www.ccr.jussieu.fr/physio/f6bvp/) you can 
if we have well received you QSL request.

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Objet : Re: [amsat-bb] Sputnik-40 / RS-17: QSL yet from Russia?
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In message <199901090558.AAA15926@mime4.prodigy.com>, MR STEPHEN G 
THOMPSON <TKVF99C@prodigy.com> writes
>Hey everybody:
>exchange for my Sputnik-40 / RS-17 QSL/report.  But have any 
>of you received or even seen a QSL yet from Sergej Samburov 
>for last winters RS-17 project.  Having followed the 
>Russian's very specific instructions, I sent two separate 
>reports, one as a backup and have received nothing to date.
I asked the same question in rec.radio.amateur.space a month or so ago 
as I'm still waiting for a QSL card for RS-17. I only used the Russian 
address - nothing heard :(
I didn't hear from anybody who had received anything from Russia. I 
guess the IRCs got 'lost' though, like you, I followed the instructions 
carefully but probably the volume of mail caught someones attention.
When you see the news reports of people in Russia not being paid for 
months I guess the temptation just gets too great.
The last I heard about QSL cards for RS-18 was to expect them to be sent 
out late this month. This was based on the timings for last year where 
cards were not sent until about a month after the bird had stopped 
transmitting. I'm certainly looking forward to receiving mine.
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