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RE: Ok, so what's available in Mode A

	I disagree totally with the statement below!  One listen to the hash of stations trying to just get a callsign through the mess on AO-27 compared to the multiple "real contacts" of a mode A satellite will prove this.  An FM repeater, orbiting or not, does not provide the opportunity of a transponder... ever.  It has been said that the only way to get a contact on AO-27 is to use enough power and antenna to totally capture the satellite.  Not in the spirit of ham radio.  It isn't hard at all to work mode A, even on the busiest passes, there is room enough for 10 QSOs or more.  Now I ask you, which one better serves the needs of the "community"?
I am not against AO-27 type birds, but not to the exclusion of AO-12/13 birds either!  Ask yourself, what would P3D mean to you if it could only support ONE QSO at a time?  Hmm?

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With all the previous postings about our need to have more and more 
FM repeater satellites, one would have thought that Mode-A satellites are 
an ancient technology, a thing-of-the-past and that we should look toward 
the future...to FM repeater satellites
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