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Re: 32 Bit WISP Help Please ???

kosrd@juno.com wrote:
> Hello All,
>  I am trying out the new 32 bit WISP Program. Need help on acouple of
> things:
> First Problem: After I become " Up to date " on the directories after
> being logged onto the satellite, the program exits out of MSPE and goes
> back into the ground station Control menu even if I have  the "
> Inactivity Timeout " on 0 or on 10 Minutes. The same problem with the "
> Up to Date Timeout " on 0 or 10 minutes. Also tried ticking the " Only
> quit on new pass ". Basically, I want to stay logged onto the satellite
> even after I have downloaded everything  am Up to date on the
> directories. Any ideas ???

Strange, the Up to Date and Inactivity timeouts do not work.  They were
broken a while back.  I have my Inactivity timer set to 3 minutes and MSPE
stays up to the end of the pass.  I have never heard of your problem

> Second problem: How  do I keep printing the headers on all the satellites
> without having to keep ticking the box after I have logged in ??? I
> cannot configure this in the Satellite Setup, only when i am in the MSPE
> Menus. Any ideas ???

Print headers used to be in the Satellite setup, but it was decided to
remove it I suppose.  It was left in the MSPE Setup.  Anything setup in the
MSPE Window Setup is only for that pass and will revert back to the GSC
Setup Settings when MSPE closes.

73, Roy

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