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Re: Sputnik-40 / RS-17: QSL yet from Russia?

In message <199901090558.AAA15926@mime4.prodigy.com>, MR STEPHEN G
THOMPSON <TKVF99C@prodigy.com> writes
>Hey everybody:
>exchange for my Sputnik-40 / RS-17 QSL/report.  But have any 
>of you received or even seen a QSL yet from Sergej Samburov 
>for last winters RS-17 project.  Having followed the
>Russian's very specific instructions, I sent two separate
>reports, one as a backup and have received nothing to date. 

I asked the same question in rec.radio.amateur.space a month or so ago
as I'm still waiting for a QSL card for RS-17. I only used the Russian
address - nothing heard :(

I didn't hear from anybody who had received anything from Russia. I
guess the IRCs got 'lost' though, like you, I followed the instructions
carefully but probably the volume of mail caught someones attention.

When you see the news reports of people in Russia not being paid for
months I guess the temptation just gets too great.

The last I heard about QSL cards for RS-18 was to expect them to be sent
out late this month. This was based on the timings for last year where
cards were not sent until about a month after the bird had stopped
transmitting. I'm certainly looking forward to receiving mine.

73  John  M1BTR  (Lincolnshire, England)
  m1btr@midmarsh.demon.co.uk     M1BTR@GB7SKG
  QRV 6m 4m 2m 70cm   Member: RIG  RSGB  UKRS
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