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Sputnik-40 / RS-17: QSL yet from Russia?

Hey everybody:

By checking the French Web site for the recently deceased
Sputnik-41 / RS-18, I know my QSL/report made it to the
project QSL manager.  Also, last March or so, I did receive 
a QSL from the French FR5KJ Radio Club at Reunion Island in 
exchange for my Sputnik-40 / RS-17 QSL/report.  But have any 
of you received or even seen a QSL yet from Sergej Samburov 
for last winters RS-17 project.  Having followed the
Russian's very specific instructions, I sent two separate
reports, one as a backup and have received nothing to date. 
These are the addresses I used to QSL for RS-17 last year.

FR5KJ radio club  --------- (( Received QSL de ))
College Jules Reydellet          @ March 98'
103 rue de la Republique
97 489 Saint Denis Cedex
Reunion Island.

Sergej Samurov --------- (( Missing QSL ))
PO Box 73
Korolev-10 City
Moscow Area, 141070, Russia

If I made an error at some point some how, so be it.  But,
I'd really like to see what Russia came up with for the
Sputnik-40 QSL.  I really hope that we all will still
receive something, and that the missing QSL is just running 
a little late in Russian mail...Hi.

Thanks for any replies to  ---------  K5PK@amsat.org
73 de Steve

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