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Re: Re: Phase 3D

Hi Cliff:

New Years greetings from the Deep South!  Thanks for the note.

Your comments are well taken and parallels what we are trying to do with The
AMSAT Journal. That is, provide overviews of soon-to-be-launched amateur
radio satellites so members can be ready to hit the ground running when they
are put in orbit.  Also we seek to run articles that explore innovative ways
to sats and of course there is still lots of good things going on with Phase
3D that we get folks to write about too.  In fact we have a backlog of
articles that can fill up the next three issues.

However note that the AMSAT Journal editing team doesn't write these
articles.  Rather, its our members who are doing these neat things who take
the time to document their efforts with a Journal article (and you've
written a few too!).  (Also these are the folks who make the editing team
look good..hi)  Unfortunately there are lots of other things going on that
we would love to run in the Journal but for lots of good reasons we can't
get the folks to write the article.  Fortunately WWW pages and amsat-bb
e-mails on these folks' efforts helps fill some of these voids.

BTW, it will be interesting what the 2m FM satellite folks think of SUNSAT
and VOXSAT once they are placed in orbit.  I'll take a dozen more!  (In fact
without stealing his thunder, Rick Fleeter, WA8VGK has an fantastic and
motivating article that we are running in the next issue that proposes ways
to fill such needs, innovations, and AMSAT future/direction. The issue
should be in you mailbox on or about 10FEB99.)

73 and keep the faith,

Russ Tillman, K5NRK
113 Rollingwood Drive
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39183-9571
Home E-mail: k5nrk@amsat.org
Office E-mail: tillmar@ex1.wes.army.mil
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>Hi Russ.  Good comments.  Last night I gave a talk to one of the local
>"amateur radio" clubs regarding satellites.  My ears were frequently
>warmed by sarcastic comments regarding the program----of course while all
>participants where looking at their HT's in front of them!
>     I ended with a set of comments regarding SUNSAT which should be
>launched and well received.  It would appear a parrot would be a good
>local project.  Possibly those of us might build something similar for
>terrestrial use to keep the interest up?  I'd love to show that the South
>Africa students have already accomplish this very task!  Cliff K7RR/W6HDO

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