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Re: FO-29

At 11:36 05-01-99 -0600, you wrote:

hi brook,

>I have been following the thread about the repeater in Honduras.  I 
>find it some what disturbing how some of our members have been
>reacting to this as a possible source of interference.  Personaly I
>feel that we should volunteer help to the organization that operates
>that repeater and help provide a solution; even equipment if needed.
>I think we can accomplish more with love than with hundreds of emails
>of complaint.

hundreds are not necessary, only some so that notice is taken. belive me, i
have gone out of my way to handle this in as a polite and non-offending
manner as possible. i have volunteered my assistance, economic and
otherwise, to help move the repeater to another frequency. i have tried to
be convincing and i have been definately non-judgemental. i have talked to
other hams who are members of that club as i am not. i talked to the
members of my two clubs (which by the way was succesful with a third club
that installed a repeater on 145.850 -600). i tried appealing to their
sense of
patriotism. i talked politely about this at a ham satellite chat i gave at
the recent central americam ham convention in El Salvador. i have been
reasonable and civil at all times. on the other hand, there has been no
reply whatsoever...no yes's, no no's, no maybe's, no "ok we've heard
you"'s. how can a resolution come about if my appeals aren't even
acknowledged? do you now see why i touched this subject? i did
*not* say overflow their mailbox, i said only write *if* you feel it merits
it. please don't get me wrong, if the way i have approached this seems
non-gentlemanly, irrational or non-constructive then please let me know. :)

>God knows that part of the world has seen enough
>trouble this year.

you have to see it to belive it, as i write this i am stranded in my qth
and can't get to my work place because a bridge is out again and another
river has jumped the road in two places. the cold wave you guys are getting
up there is starting to show as heavy rain here.

73 de rick, hr2kos

ps i have just recieved an offer for new crystals which i will inmediately
pass on...stay tuned.
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