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Re: Re: Phase 3D

Quoting Clifford Buttschardt (cbuttsch@slonet.org) [990105 16:05]:
> Hi Russ.  Good comments.  Last night I gave a talk to one of the local
> "amateur radio" clubs regarding satellites.  My ears were frequently
> warmed by sarcastic comments regarding the program----of course while all
> participants where looking at their HT's in front of them!
>      I ended with a set of comments regarding SUNSAT which should be
> launched and well received.  It would appear a parrot would be a good
> local project.  Possibly those of us might build something similar for
> terrestrial use to keep the interest up?  I'd love to show that the South
> Africa students have already accomplish this very task!  Cliff K7RR/W6HDO

With the ARRL strongly supporting AMSAt and P3D perhaps we should pitch
a column idea for QST called, "While We Wait". There are numerous
experiments and active Sats that many people outside this group don't
even know exist. A monthly column explaining "what else" one can busy
themselves with while we wait on a launch for P3D would go a long way
towards keeping interest in the Sats until we get the "big" one up!

Just some random noise...
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