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Re: APRS Position tracking via PACSAT

REF made to "this months AMSAT journa"  is vague.
I have been looking thru my journals for the "TRACKNET"
article and cannot find it.   Which    journal contains the article?

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> THe TRAKNET article in this months AMSAT Journal pointed out that
> anyone with a 10 watt  2m FM Mobile rig and a $2 mod to any
> standard TAPR-2 compatible TNC could digipeat his mobile GPS POSITION and
> status via a PACSAT digipeater.  We now have 4 stations gearing up to
> automate  the downlink so that any successful positions that are
> digipeated are  LINKED out onto the local VHF and HF APRS network and
> eventually into LIVE tracking WEB pages on the internet. (see below).
> To automate the crosslink, I just posted a program called APRSLINK.EXE
> which will run on any old PC with 2 comm ports.  One port is fully
> functional on your local APRS network using any TNC and radio.  The other
> port has its RXD connected in parallel to monitor the packets coming from
> your PACSAT TNC.  In this way, there is no modification to your nominal
> PACSAT OPERATIONS.  But whenever APRSLINK sees a digipeated APRS position
> report, it grabs it and crosslinks it to the APRS network.
> If you can participate in this experiment either as an automated LINK
> station or as a mobile, let me know...    Current interested downlink
> stations are AA2BN, WB1HBU, KF7KN and K7RR.
> See Maryland APRS LIVE: http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/aprs.html
> See GPS on ANY radio:    http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/mic-e.html

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