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Re: QRM in North American satellite sub-band(s) [was: FO-29 [qrm possibly located])

At 23:55 04-01-99 -0500, you wrote:

hi art,

>That's exactly the reason why just about every sovereign nation on this
>planet agreed to the International Telecommunication Convention and the
>Radio Regulations appended to it.  Everyone, in principle, agrees with your
>basic ideas.

yes i realize you do...this country signed the treaty but, the legal route
is impractical because it takes too long. effective but, impractical at the
momment. besides, these things shouldn't have to be resolved like that.
dialog is probably best. 

>Large e-mail and letter writing campaigns do have a place.  But, in this
>situation, they would probably do more harm than good.  Please, let me

it doesn't have to be large, 10 or 15 polite messages will sufice
(suffice?). right now they've *probably* only taken my word for it; i know
for a fact they recieved my e-mail but since there has been no feedback at
all that is why i say *probably*. if they see e-mail coming in from outside
this country they might realize that what has already been told them is
true and not me just trying to be a pest or nuisance.

>probably dismiss them.  And, since all these messages will be arriving
>along with routine business, they'll be incredibly disruptive and annoying
>and, therefor, won't be making us a friend.  Essentially, large e-mail and
>letter writing campaigns will likely get us nowhere or worse.

if i really thought it would hurt more than help i wouldn't have suggested
anything at all. these fellas may be stubborn but they are *not* wreckless
or irresponsible hams...they would *not* respond with any kind of
disruptions out of spite or any such emotion, i'll give them that. they're
ok deep down and only some convincing polite e-mail is all that is needed
in my opinion. i stress polite.

>Consider another way.  
>National societies, like ARRL, and certain specialized organizations, like
>AMSAT, routinely make specific efforts to know those in their
>administration and earn their respect.  They make a serious effort to have
>their facts in order.  When they come to talk, their opinions are usually

from the begining of honduran ham radio history (40 years ago) there hasn't
been a national society of hams untill about 1 and a half month ago...in
fact 2 of them have come into being almost simultaneously. it will take a
while for that respect to be earned.

>Administration personnel also know that these groups represent a large
>number of members.  So, when they speak to an administration, they carry
>the clout of numbers in addition to technical qualification.  This earns
>more respect.

HR hams number less than 200 (in a country of 5.5 million) and in all
honesty and up to now, the "administration" here is mainly interested in
making money for the government via license fees, ham related or otherwise.
you wouldn't believe the red tape and the cost (in time and money) of
obtaining a ham license. don't take my word for it though, ask anyone who
has ever applied for one...nope, administering the rf spectrum is an after
thought, and that goes for many countries in this region...look at what has
happened in guatemala (next door to us) with the 70cm band. now hams there
have an uphill fight there to get it back because it is being
comercialized. in any event, this situation will have snowballed by the
time any measures via the means you mention can take effect.

>IMHO, the best tactic is to document, as completely as possible, operations
>which cause harmful interference and which are not in accordance with the
>Radio Regulations.  Then, use our national societies and administrations to
>press our  arguments using well established international procedures.

this tactic *may* work in the coming months since we now have a couple of
newly formed national organizations that are supposed to do all that
"interfacing". time will tell!

>An administration, such as the administration in Honduras, is much more
>likely to act on complaints from other administrations than from a letter
>writing campaign.

that would do it for sure but it would take a very long long time. however,
i *didn't* suggest the letters be directed at the local administration
here...i suggested it be directed at the club that owns the repeater.

>Hope this helps.
>73, art.....

well friendly discussion is allways healthy and never hurts!! :) by the
way, if this seems like i'm "beating a dead horse" then by all means let me
know, ok?

73 de rick, hr2kos
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