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Re: Moon Keps

At 06:49 AM 1/5/1999 EST, you wrote:
>Could someone be so kind and send me some genuine Moon Keps?

Because of very strong perturbations by the earth/sun, the moon does not
follow simple keplerian motion, so keps don't work for very long.  There
are is a program available on the amsat-bb that will generate keps that are
reasonbly accurate for short periods of time.  Hunt the amsat-na ftp
software site at:


and you'll find it.  I can't remember its name at the moment.

Alternately, if you're running Win95 or Win98 (and maybe WinNT) try a small
program of mine that you can get from my web site:


called "TrakSM" 

  This program accurately tracks the sun/moon, gives Az/El, rise/set times,
max/min elevation, elongation, RA/DEC, distance, etc.  ...and the price is
right :-).
  Stacey E. Mills, W4SM    WWW: 	http://www.cstone.net/~w4sm/ham1.html 
   Charlottesville, VA	   PGP key:	http://www.cstone.net/~w4sm/key.asc    	
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